Accessible Living Information Service
    Taiwan Access for All Association provides information on current debates, news and policies on disability; assistive technology and universal design concepts; transportation, leisure activities and forums for discussions.
.Come and visit our site in Chinese! Accessible Life Network:
. Publication--WILL magazine: Accessible Tourism Guide had 7 issues (2004-2006) The magazine was the first publication on accessible tourism in Taiwan. Click here to see a list of Taiwanese tourism spots in English!


Barrier-Free Activism Team
Barrier-Free Activism team works to eliminate environmental discrimination against people with disabilities. Our association is currently on the Accessible Environment Committee of Taipei City and The League of welfare organizations for the disabled, R.O.C.
Top 20 Disabling sites


Social & Recreational Participation (Accessible Tourism)
Organizations we have collaborated with 16 NGOs.
 “Holding Hands” Green Vacation Nature Tour: each year, our organization hosts at least 10 nature tours all over Taiwan.

Public Education Development
.Disability awareness workshop for school children
.Accessible awareness presentation



International Exchange
Where have we been?
.Animi, Japan, our Sister organization

Accessible Tourism in Taiwan Service
Accessible Transportations
Hotel Arrangement
Assistive equipment & wheelchair rental
Personal Assistant arrangement
Professional Tour Guide
Tour Packages for Individual and groups (+4 people)