Day Six: June 26 depart for San Francisco

We stayed in that small room.


On June 26, we stayed at the motel, reviewing and preparing paper for the trip. Our next door neighbors were a group of motorcyclists. They came in and out of the parking lot, making noise and air pollution. Our room is accessible to me, but the shower room is small, I can’t bring my wheelchair in. Other then that, everything is fine with me. By the way, we called out and ordered Chinese food. My students were so happy, they even took the pictures of the food.

Those motorcycles occupied our parking space.

這 一段要給Thomas O’brien看的,他是他們中的一個。其實剛到這個鎮的時候並不是很順利,因為經常在迷路。甚至還發生信用卡被鎖卡的事件。後來也為這樣在再度拍到公共 電話亭和超市中提供給顧客的電動購物車。雖然這些可及性設施在20年前我在紐約州就看過,現在看到更為普及心裡感到非常高興。

Next day morning after we checked out of the motel, we stopped at gas station and discovered that my credit card was locked. Next stop we went to Wal Mart to refill my T-Mobile, same thing happened again. So I called collected to Taiwan to ask for unlocking my credit card, and discovered the public telephone stand was accessible to the wheelchair user. At Wal Mart, I also found a convenient facility for the mobility impaired shopper – motor scooters that I had seen many years ago in Syracuse, New York, too.

The accessible public telephone stand.

The motor scooter for mobility impaired shoppers.