Day Five: June 25 at the Yosemite National Park (2/2)

Easy access sign.


It could be the Swinging Bridge, I am not sure. I love this smooth path design, no elevation change, no steep slope and no steps, easy for everyone to walk on including wheelchair users.

This wooden trail is really catching my eyes. We didn’t try it at the first time.


We get in the Sentinel Beach by accident. Nearly without any design, picnic tables under trees everywhere, few big rocks dividing car parks. Wheelchair users may not go everywhere, but no problem to go to restroom, river side, some tables and parking spaces.

The Sentinel Beach.

The Sentinel Beach的停車場和野餐設施就散布在樹林中。在自然地勢的限制下並非所有的野餐設施都是輪椅使用者可及的,但是對我而言,部分可及就夠了。其他如廁所,水源和水邊也都有可及管道。

After making circles and visiting few places, we decided to come back again. We departed from the park before dark. Big Oak Flat Road leading us toward Highway 120 West, we headed to James Town, end up we stayed the Miner’s Motel at Sonora, California. The motel room cost us $152 for two nights. Before we settled down, we had to do some shopping. At the mall, I found a very special ATM, a drive up ATM. At the near by, I also found a mail box, one can drop off mails without get off car. These two facilities I have seen before, when I studied in New York State many years ago.

A drive up ATM.


A drive up mail box.