Accessible Tourism 可及性休閒旅遊

為了無障礙環境,建築師和景觀師拼命製造殘障設施,卻不知道因此而延誤了無障礙環境的發展進程。 如今無障礙環境運動已成過去式,取而代之的是可及的環境,看不見殘障設施的可及性生活空間。


國內到處充斥著礙眼的殘障設施和貼標籤式的暗示性設計,實在令人不舒服,而且還浪費資源。 大而不當的廁所、過多設備的廁所、圍著保護欄杆的洗手台以及無意義的殘障坡道都是一種浪費。這些種種現象都證明著我們的建築師和景觀師的態度有偏差和專業能力有問題。 我們不要殘障設施,我們要可及的環境。

為了證明和諧融入的可及性環境的存在,我和中華大學景觀建築系兩位可愛的學生,欣琳和亞菁,利用暑假來到美國進行調查。事實證明 ,我們來對了。接下來請跟著我的部落格了解我們的調查進度與發現。

Why am I doing this?

In case you are curious. There is only one good reason for me to do this: I believe we can make our environment more accessible. So I am doing this, so here I come to the United States to find the answer. I have been many countries before, but the USA is the only one allowing a wheelchair user to rent a car anytime anywhere. This project is part of my five years plan, which is aiming at accessible tourism. Last year, my students and I completed a pilot study to audit the Sun-Moon Lake National Scenic Area and the Xue-Ba National Park. The outcome was not so good, the accessibility of the two only at the parking lots. No wheelchair user can go any further. I believe there are so many great landscape architects in Taiwan, and I believe they can do much better then the present situation. I have mobility problem, but I am not handicapped. I bring a wheelchair along the trip to do the work, because I know some situations need to be actually sit on the chair to experience the environment. I am lucky enough to have two students come along too. They help me to take the chair in and out of the car and the documentary.

Dollar’s the rental car company

After ten years return to the USA, I feel so strange but then so familiar. A shuttle bus picks us up at the airport to the rental car station. To tell you the truth, I was scared to death at the rental car station, because the total amount of the rent was twice of the reservation that I made online. I have a bad feeling. My head is spinning. My trip is not going to be cheap. We check on the first hotel on our way to Santa Monica, $287 per night for three people, one people is cheaper. End up I am paying a lot for hotel rooms.

我喜歡獨自旅遊,也拜訪過許多國家。 因為行動不便,所以我總是選擇開車旅行,而美國似乎是目前唯一可以在各個國際機場可以隨時租到手控汽車的國家。20年前是如此,如今更方便。這次到美國的理由是,這是我熟悉的地方加上我曾經參與過美國ADA法案的公聽會,我完全理解可及性的精神。

在機場的接駁車幾乎每一輛都輪椅可及。這讓我見識到甚麼是全面參與、機會均等的精神。也讓我感嘆國內可及性公車的難產,這麼簡單的設備有那麼難產嗎? 為了證明輪椅使用者不是怪胎也不特殊,我們特地帶了一部輪椅一起旅行。找旅館是第一個考驗,我好擔心找不到輪椅方便進出的旅館。結果輪椅進出旅館沒問題,我們要擔心是加州的旅館好貴!!!!第一個夜晚,我們在迷路中來到Calabasas, 一個可及性百分百的社區。