Door to Door Service for the Disabled

Category: Transportation
In order to provide disabled-accessible transportation to meet the needs of more seriously disabled people, Taipei government authorizes civic organizations to operate Door to Door Services for Disabled,  providing pick-up/drop-off services with a fee only one third that of a taxi. Its service range is within the service area of Taipei city joint operation buses. Services to DanShuei, BaLi, LuJhou, SanChong, WuGu, SinJhuang, BanCiao, YongHe, JhongHe, TuCheng, SinDian, SiJhih, ShuLin, YingGe, SanSia, TaiSan, ShenKeng and ShihDing are also available . But the pick-up/drop-off point must be within the Taipei city limit. Reservation is required. So far, there are approximately 137 buses providing this Service for Disabled. 
Interior Disabled-Accessible Facility:
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Brief Introduction:
1. Service Hour for Making Reservations:
Morning: 8.30am~12.30pm
        9am~12.30pm for making reservation 5 days before.
Afternoon: 1.30pm~5pm
2. Reservation number, fax or website (changes by the current telephone line or update website): 
Reservation Line:
Taiwan Rental Car: (02) 2507-8000 (mainline)
Eden Social Welfare Foundation: (02) 2910-3666(mainline)
Reservation Website:
Taiwan Rental Car:
Eden Social Welfare Foundation:
Reservation Fax: 
Taiwan Rental Car: (02) 2516-9699 (mainline)
Eden Social Welfare Foundation: (02) 2910-3733 (mainline)
(Reservation thru fax or website is for people who are unable to contact via telephone: such as hearing impaired.)