MaoKong Gondola

Category: Transportation
Location:WunShan District
The MaoKong Gondola is a merging tourism spot in Taipei. The gondola will take you on a scenic tour with unobstructed view. The disabled with wheelchairs can enter the car directly. Service staff will be also available at all stations to provide. Even though the touristic route hasn’t been completed, many people still come for the Gondola experience. For those who wish to take the gondola, you need to take the metro to Taipei Zoo Station, then walk for about 350m to the MaoKong Gondola Station. Only one wheelchair is allowed in each car and 2-4 companions are needed to sit evenly on both sides of the car.
Brief Introduction
Opening Time: 9am~10pm from Monday to Friday; 8.30am~10pm on Weekends and National Holidays

Ticket Price: Adult One-Way NT$30 & Up (Additional NT$10 for each more station); Premium One-Way NT$15 & Up (Additional NT$5 for each more station)

There is 6 stops in the route (4 stations and 2 corner station), the total length is 4.03km.
? Each car is only allowed to carry one wheelchair, and needs at least 2~4 companions, and sit evenly in the both sides of car.
? The rotation speed approximates 3~5 m/s
? Caution: Anyone has heart or blood vessel diseases, hypertension, acrophobia, or in bad physical condition, please DO NOT take the Gondola.
? No Food/Drink (Water or Mineral Water Excluded), Smoking, Chewing Gum or BiNang, and also please DO NOT throw anything out of the car.  

Zoo Station by Muza Route


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