RaoHe Street Night Market

Category: Sightseeing 
Location:SongShan District
RaoHe Street Night Market begins at Section 4 BaDe Road (in front of CihYou Temple) and extends to the cross road of FuYuan Street, with a length approximately 600 meters. It is the first tourist night market in Taipei and also a popular place for foreign tourists savouring Taiwanese snacks. There are some famous booths in the night market such as traditional bean jelly, O-A Mi-Sh (oysters noodle soup), ChengBanJhang Beef Noodle and chops stew with Chinese herbal medicine. Furthermore, there are also  fashion clothes and general merchandises in bargain prices. In addition, there is the CihYou Temple nearby. Built during CianLong Dynasty, it is a religious center which attracts a lot of people.

Brief Introduction
Opening Time: From afternoon 5pm to midnight 12:00
Address: Cross FuYuan Street & Sec. 4 Bade Rd., SongShan Dist., Taipei City

Website: www.raohe.com.tw/