Eslite Bookstore SinYi

Category: Shopping
Location:SinYi District
The Eslite Bookstore SinYi is a mega-composite bookstore-mall. On the 1F and B1 floors, there are various boutiques and modern clothes stores; on the 2F to 4F floors, there are the bookstores. Books are sorted by their categories and each bookstore carries a different category of books, forming a mega Eslite bookstore. On the
5F, there is a children’s department; on the 6F, there is an exhibition hall. In the Eslite Bookstore SinYi, there are frequent lectures and activities and regular courses.

Brief Introduction
Opening Time:
2F~4F: 10am~2am
11am~10pm Sunday to Thursday
11am~11pm Friday to Saturday
11am~10pm Sunday to Thursday
11am~2am Friday to Saturday

Address: No. 11, SongGao Rd., SinYi Dist., Taipei City
Tel: (02)8789-3388
Fax: (02)8789-0593

#2 Exit of City Hall Station by BanNan Route

Pick-up/Drop-off at main entrance.