Vieshow Cinemas (SinYi)

Category: Shopping
Location:SinYi District
The Vieshow Cinemas include two buildings side by side. The first floor includes various shops, restaurants and café; the 2nd floor includes ticket counters and a food court; above the 2nd floor are the cinemas. There are a total 18 cinemas. There are seats for the disabled in the 3rd cinema. Vieshow is located in the SinYi District, with a cross-bridge to connect to Taipei 101 and New York New York. This was where the vogue models appeared at SinYi District.
Brief Introduction
Ticket Price:
Early Morning: NT$240; Weekdays: NT$258
Weekdays Premium: NT$265
Holiday: NT$290
Holiday Premium: NT$270

Address: No. 18, SongShou Rd., SinYi Dist., Taipei City
Tel: (02) 8780-5566
Fax: (02) 2757-2345
Bus: By 284, 202, 266, 277, 611, 612, 620, 20, to SongShou Road Stop

Metro: By BanNan Route to City Hall Station, from Exit 2 walk about 5 min will be arrived.

Taxi: Pick-up/Drop-off at Entrance.