B & Q NeiHu

Category: Shopping
Location:NeiHu District
B & Q NeiHu is a composite shopping mall for interior decorations, located on the underground floor of the mall, but the check-out counters are located on the 3rd floor. Therefore, the disabled with wheelchairs must take the appropriative elevator. HOLA mall is on the 1st and 2nd floors of the building. The parking lots are on the 3rd and undergroundt floor. There is no restaurant in the mall, only a simple café on the 3rd floor and a simple food court on the 4th floor. There is also Wi-Fi service in the mall. If the disabled takes a taxi, please have the pick-up/drop-off at the entrance of SinHuSan Road and MinShan Street, which is easier for access. 
Brief Introduction
Opening Time:
Open at: 9am Mon~Fri; 8am Sat~Sun
Close at: 10.30pm Mon~Thu & Sun; 11.30pm Fri~Sat

Address: No. 23, SinHuSan Rd., NeiH Dist. Taipei City
Tel: (02) 8791-5678
Website: http://www.bnq.com.tw/ 


Pick-up/Drop-off at main entrance.