Miramar Entertainment Park

Category: Shopping
Location:JhongShan District
The Miramar Park is divided into two parts: theYang for younger visitors and Original Hall for general public. Miramar Entertainment Park not only has a fine food court and department stores, its most well-known feature is the Miramar Ferris Wheel. There are also the Miramar Cinemas with 9 general cinemas and one IMAX3D cinema. Miramar also holds a firework show on New Year’s eve with the countdown, which also attracts large crowds to come and watch.
Brief Introduction
Opening Time:
Department Stores: 11am~10pm
Restaurants & Ferris Wheel: 11am~12pm
Supermarket: 9am~10pm
Cinemas: From 10am

Ticket Price:
Ferris Wheel: Weekdays NT$150, Premium NT$120; Holidays NT$200, Premium NT$150
Miramar Cinema: Weekdays NT$285, Premium NT$265; Holidays NT$290, Premium NT$270
IMAX3D Cinema: Weekdays NT$400, Premium NT$370

Address: No. 20, JingYeSan Rd., JhongShan Dist., Taipei City
Tel: ( 02 ) 2175-3456
Toll-Free: 0800-883-456
Website: http://www.miramar.com.tw/

110, 21, 222, 247, 267, 286, 287, 646, 72, 902, Red 2, Brown 16, Blue 7, off at JianTan Temple Stop

Free Shuttle Van (10.30am~10.30pm):
Metro JianTan Station Route approximately every 15~20 minutes;
Metro ZhongShan Junior Station Route approximately every 60 minutes on weekdays, every 20 minutes on holidays.

JianNan Station (Still under construction)

Pick-up/Drop-off at main entrance.