Water Museum

Category: Sightseeing
Location:JhongJheng District
The Water Museum was built after the classic Baroque style. It is a park dedicated to tap-water with a hand-on aqua-experience park. The Taipei Water Department restored the original features of the pump
room in 1996, and collected pictures and equipments related to tap-water history, thus establishing the first tap-water museum in Taiwan.
Interior Disabled-Accessible Facility:
Elevator Accessibility
Washroom Accessibility
Parking Space for the Disabled
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Brief Introduction
Address: No. 1, SihYuan St., JhongJheng Dist., Taipei City
Tel: (02) 8733-5678
Website: http://waterpark.twd.gov.tw/wpark/museum/museum.htm
By XinDian Route to GongGuan Station