National Taiwan Museum

Category: Culture
Location:JhongShan District
National Taiwan Museum is located in the 228 Peace Memorial Park. After tearing down the TianHou Temple built in Cing Dynasty, it was rebuilt according to classic western architecture during the Japanese Occupation. It is approximately one hundred years old since its completion. It is full of historical values, from the Greek temple style entrance to the luxurious decoration inside. In order to establish the museum as a disabled-accessible facility, a lot of effort was taken to integrate the access and ramps into the ancient architecture. 

Brief Introduction
Opening Time: 10am~5pm Tuesday to Sunday
Close at Monday, Lunar New Year’s Even, and Lunar New Year.

Ticket Price: Adult NT$20; The Disability (With the certificate) and the One Companion are Free.

Address: No. 2, SiangYang Rd., JhongShan Dist., Taipei City
Tel: ((02)2382-2699
Fax: (02)2382-2684

SiangYang Road: 20, 222, 236, 237, 241, 243, 244, 245 (CingShan Mainline) , 245 (Sub), 249, 251, 263, 513, 532, 621, 644, 651, 670, 706, 706 (Interval)

NTU Hospital Station by DanShui Route

Pick-up/Drop-off at main entrance.