Taipei ZhongShan Hall

Category: Sightseeing, Dining
Location:JhongJheng District
The Taipei ZhongShan Hall includes many small buildings assembled into a unified complex. It has been dedicated as a Class 2 historical building in Taiwan, and previously known as the Taipei Society. After restoration, the original society hall was made into the city hall, and renamed ZhongShan Hall. It was also once the Taipei Astronomical Museum. In the past, it was often the place where the government received foreign dignitaries, among the most well-knowns was Mr. Richard M. Nixon, the former president of USA.
Brief Introduction
Opening Time: 9am~5.30pm
Address: No. 98, YanPing S. Rd., JhongJheng Dist., Taipei City
Tel: (02) 2381-3137