Taipei 228 Memorial Museum

Category: Park
Location:JhongJheng District – Map (16)
The building for the 228 Memorial Museum was originally built for the Taipei Broadcasting Bureau during the Japanese Occupation in 1930. It was also a broadcasting station which played a significant part in the 228 Incident by reporting the current events and news to the public. The museum was opened in 1996, 50 years after the 228 Incident, and became a memorial facility to keep and display the related information on the 228 Incident.

Brief Introduction
Opening Time: 10am~5pm, Tuesday to Sunday
Closed on Monday & the day after national holidays.
Ticket Price: NT$20/Adult; Free on February 28th & December 10th (Human Rights Day).

Address: No. 3, KeTaGalan Blvd., JhongJheng Dist., Taipei City
Tel: (02)2389-7228 
Fax: (02)2389-5228
By 15, 15 (WanMei Line), 18, 22, 220 (Nonstop), 247, 257, 276, 287, 3, 621 640, ChongCing Mainline – 228 Peace Park Station.

By metro DansShui Route, off at NTU Hospital Station.

Pick-up/Drop-off at main entrance.