DaAn Wood Park

Category: Park
Location:DaAn District
DaAn Wood Park has become a new place for leisure activities since 1994. With all the forest plants in the park, it has gained the nickname “green lung” of Taipei City. The premise of the park was originally occupied by several  old military residence villages. After tearing down the villages and relocation of the residents, now the park includes three park roads passing through the whole park in length and breadth, also the outdoor musical stage which often hosts performances. With plentiful vegetation in the park, it is quite suited for families to come enjoy it together. 
Brief Introduction
Opening Time: 24/7/365, all years around.

Address : From the eastern of SinSheng S. Road to the southern of SinYi Road, DaAn Dist., Taipei City
Tel: (02)2700-3830
Website: http://www.taipeitravel.net/article.asp?pcode=1&indexId=53&uid=465 

0 East, 0 South, 3, 15, 18, 20, 22, 38, 72, 74, 204, 211, 226, 235, 237, 254, 278, 280, 290, 311, 505, 642, 662, 663, 295, 672, 675; Leisure Bus 109, HePing Line, National Highway KeeLung-Taipei

By Muzha route stop by DaAn Station, heading western walk toward Section 3 SinYi Road; or stop by Technology Building Station heading western walking toward HePing E. Road.

Pick-up/Drop-off at anywhere outside of the park.