Sunshine Gas Station

DaAn District – Map (16)
The Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation established the Sunshine Gas Station in 2003, it is the first disabled-accessible gas station in the area. Along with teaching and training the disabled for the skills for this type of career, and by doing so the hope is to change the public’s general image of the disabled. The station SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is to manage and train the staff, in order to promote the service quality, and also supplying the staff with the ability to enter other enterprises.
Brief Introduction
Address: No. 75-1, Sec. 2, JianGuo S. Rd., DaAn Dist., Taipei City (Under JianGuo Express Bridge, Across of DaAn Wood Park)
Tel: (02) 2700-6510, 2700-8040
Fax: (02) 2700-8040