East Metro Mall

Category: Sightseeing
Location:DaAn District
The East Metro Mall is located right underneath of Section 4 JhongSiao E. Road, in between the FuSing S. Road (Sogo Department Store) and DunHua S. Road (Ming Yao Department Store); due to the thronged area of the connection of ZhongXiaoFuXing Station and ZhongXiaoDunHua Station, this area holds a various selection of shops such as restaurants, fashions, convenience stores, and bookstores etc. It is also different than the crowd and traffic of the ground of JhongSiao E. Road, here is provided a systematic shopping space with air-conditioning. 
Brief Introduction
Opening Time: Depends on each Shop.
Address: Right underneath of Section 4, JhongSiao E. Road, Taipei City
Metro :
By BanNan Route stop at ZhongXiaoFuXing Station or ZhongXiaoDunHua Station, then enter to “East Metro Mall”