ChienGuo Holiday Flower Market

Category: Sightseeing 
Location:DaAn District
Located underneath the bridge of ChienGuo N. Road, the range of ChienGuo Holiday Flower Market is from RenAi Road to SinYi Road, and has been operating since 1976. Then later on, they developed a Holiday Jade Market at HePing E. Road to SinYi Road under the ChineGuo N. Road bridge. The ChienGuo Holiday Flower Market is currently under the assistance of the Department of Economic Development Taipei City Government, and the sales are mostly direct from the flower growers or origin, therefore the price is quite reasonable, moreover there is often the activities such as the agricultural exhibitions and free gardening teaching etc.
Brief Introduction
Opening Time: 9am~6pm Saturday to Sunday
Address: Section 1 ChienGuo S. Road, Taipei City
Web: Bus:
East 0, 20, 204, 204 (Interval), 22, 22(Interval), 38, SinYi Mainline

Pick-up/Drop-off at cross roads of SinYi Road and ChienGuo S. Road.



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