ErZihPing Rest Area - YangMingShan National Park

Category: Sightseeing
Location:BeiTou District
It is located in the volcanic basin of DaTun Mountain and ErZihShan. Due to its location in the subtropics and its warmth, there are a large number of plants. It is a great place for observing butterflies, birds, and ecology. Moreover, ErZihPing has a wooden trail, 1.7km in length, allowing access for the disabled. The park opens from 8am to 6pm. Among its many facilities, there are hands-on eco-pond, narration signs, rest pavilion, and picnic tables and chairs.
Brief Introduction
Opening Time:
Visitor Center: 9am~4.30pm on Holidays; Close at Weekdays.

Address: East Side of YangMingShan National Park
Tel: (02) 2861-7294, 0927-274336
Fax: (02) 2861-8744
During holidays, can take bus by 109 at GongGuan, or 111 leisure bus at SinJhuang, to YangMingShan Stop, then transit by S9 (interval) (every 30 minutes), pass by HuaJhong, YangMingShuWu, JhuZihHu to : ErZihPing
During Weekdays, can take bus by 260 or Red 5 at metro JianTian Station, to YangMingShan Stop (Across 7-11), then transit S9 (interval) (every 60 minutes), pass by HuaJhong, YangMingShuWu, JhuZihHu, to ErZihPing


From the peak of YangJin High Way, by SiaoGuanYin Stop, turn to 101 county high way, then about 2km can reach the northern entrance parking lot.