TianMu Rainbow Riverside Sport Park

Category: Sightseeing
Location:ShihLin District
The TianMu Rainbow Riverside Sport Park opened in 2000. It’s approximately 16.8 hectares. Inside the park, there are tennis court, skating rink, children’s playground, small outdoor theatre, and basketball court. There is also a baseball diamond located right next to the park. This is the sports and leisure center of Taipei City and TianMu area. Next to the tennis court, there is a washroom for the disabled.
Brief Introduction
Opening Time: 24/7/365, All Year Around
Address: No. 77, Sec. 2, JhongCheng Rd., ShihLin Dist., Taipei City
Tel: (02) 2257-2330 ext 504
Website: http://tmsp.tms.gov.tw/ Transportation