Core Pacific City Living Mall


Category: Shopping
Location:SongShan District
The architectural design of Core Pacific City Living Mall is taken after a Chinese ancient legend, dual dragons surround a pearl, with the largest globe-shape building in the world. The globe extends from the 12th floor down to the 7th floor underground. Its interior is designed to simulatie space, with a 7.5km long passage linked to the shopping mall. The Cinemark theatre is located on B1 with a total of 13 cinemas.

Brief Introduction
Opening Time: 11am~9.30pm Sunday to Thursday; 11am~ 10.30pm Friday, Saturday, and the day before national holiday

Ticket Price for Cinemark theater:
Weekdays: Adult NT$280, Premium NT$260
Holiday: Adult NT$290, Premium NT$270

Address: No. 138, Sec. 4, BaDe Rd., SongShan Dist., Taipei City
Tel: (02)3762-1888
By Kuo-Kang Motor Transport bus, drop off at McArthur 1st Bridge, walk toward south will be there.

Take metro BanNan route (toward KunYang direction), off at ZhongXiaoFuXing Station, then transit via the Living Mall shuttle bus.